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Special Education

Special Education

The community of St. Joseph High School is pleased to offer a Special Education program for students with mild learning disabilities.  In conjunction with the Camden County Educational Services Commission (CCESC), St. Joseph High School offers its students the opportunity to attend general education classes while receiving in-class support from one of the special education teachers or teacher’s assistants from the CCESC. Students with an ISP or IEP also have the opportunity to attend a daily Skills Support class under the direction of a qualified Special Education teacher. The Skills Support class offers both individual and small group instruction and provides time for students to gain valuable skills in which to become independent learners and successful students. 

Services Offered

  • Initial evaluation
  • Re-evaluation
  • Annual Review
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Compensatory Education
  • Speech

Mrs. Susan Leonchuck
[email protected]
Special Education Teacher
St. Joseph High School

Sister Ronnie Grier
[email protected]
Camden County Educational Services Commission

Mrs. Bharati Shah
[email protected]
Camden County Educational Services Commission
Supplemental Instruction & Compensatory Education

Mrs. Anne Marie Walmsley
Teacher’s Assistant
Camden County Educational Services Commission


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